This menu allows the user to configure their Webmail environment to suit their personal needs.

General information

Name When the receiver read your message the name will appear in the sender box.
Reply to Specifies which e-mail address the user's mail will be set.

Login page

Default page Select a default page when the current user login.
Display bulletin board Select the checkbox to display bulletin board when the current user login.
Default bulletin folder Select a public folder as the default bulletin folder.


Maximum number of messages per page Set the maximum number of messages per page.


Show attached images Select the checkbox to show attached images.


Default Editor Select the default editor for composer.
Auto save Select the checkbox to auto save message when you write mail.Set the period for auto save frequency.


Save sent messages in the "Sent" Select the checkbox to save sent messages to [Sent].


When you delete a message, move it to "Trash" Select the checkbox to move messages deleted to [Trash].
Empty trash folder when you logout Select the checkbox to empty trash folder when you logout.