Click the [Inbox] button,all messages in [Inbox] will be listed.

manage messages

Sort out mails in ascending/descending order

Users can sort out mails in ascending/descending orders by clicking the [From],[Subject]],[Date] or [Size] button.The icon means ascending, means descending.

Read messages

Click the message's [Subject] to read it.

Previous Read the previous message.
Next Read the next message.
Back Back to the default page of [Inbox].
Reply Displays a new message with the recipient set to the sender of the current message.
Reply to all Displays a new message with the recipient set to the sender and all of the recipients but yourself of the current message.
Forward Displays a new message with the subject set to the current subject and the body of the message as editable text.
Catch address Catch all of the e-mail addresses of the message and add them to the contact.
Filter Create a filter rule,the default setting is filter this message's subject.
Spam Move the message to [Spam].
Printe Prints the current message.


If you want to delete,move or copy messages,select them first.Click the box to select messages.

Click the top box to select all or not select(Select serveral messages ,then click it.).

Delete/Drop/Spam/Move/Copy messages

Delete:Click the button to move messages to the [Trash].(In [Trash] delect messages means remove them from mail server.)

Drop:Click the button to remove the messages from mail server.

Spam:Click the button to move messages to the [Spam].

move to/copy to:Select folder ,then click the button move messages to the folder,or click the button copy messages to it.


Click the icon to create a filter rule.Details

Page Up/Down

The messages will be listed page by page if there were lots of.Click the button to view next page or click to previous page.Click the number of page to enter the corresponding page.How many messages can be listed in a page.