Mail Filter

You can custom rules for sort your incoming mail automatically into designated folders.

Click the [Mail Filter] button to list all the rules of current user.

Name The names of your rules.
Keyword Keyword of the filter rules.
Type Condition of the filter rules.
Status The icon means enabled, means disabled.
Continue Whether continue next rule when the messages are not matched this rule.
Edit Click the icon to edit the rule.
Delete Click the icon to delete the rule.
Move Filter Rule operates according to the order in Rule List as each one has its own priority. Users can use / button to change the order.

New Mail Filter

Click the button to create a new rule.

Name Enter the name of new rule.
Keyword Select a keyword for the new rule.
Type Select a type for the new rule.
Content Enter the content of keyword.
Status Select the checkbox to enable the new rule.
If matches up the filter rule, then How to deal with the messages which matched up the new filter rule.
Else Select the checkbox to continue the next rule if the messages not matched up the new filter rule.